What Teams Should Register?

Storm softball hosts tournaments in the Fall and Spring. Often times, teams entering sanctioned tournaments with USSSA or USA Softball will not have a good indication of the talent level on opposing teams. Lop-sided games are the norm. Players are challenged past their limits. Neither team benefits from these types of games.


Our goal is to create balanced games. This means that either team can win on any given day. Even within a given “level” (A, B, C), the variation can be quite large. And of course, organizations like USSSA and USA Softball can only make adjustments to a team’s level or division after they have played a few games. However, that’s only if any adjustment is made at all.


So what leading indicator(s) of team competitive level can we use? We review the birth year for the players on the roster. This is one of the most telling variables. One year at this age is a lot. For example, teams with a full roster of maximum age players should be stronger than a team with only one-third of its roster as maximum age. After birth year, we ask teams to provide player statistics. Pitching speed, strike percentage (or number of walks per game), and number of hits per game paint a decent picture of level of play. It’s not a perfect science but hopefully better than the typical tournament surprises in pool play.

Upcoming Tournaments

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